These paintings are inspired by stained glass. The variations of hue in each painting mimics the light that shines through the glass. The straight ridged shapes also mimic cut glass and of course the black lines represent the gaps between pieces of glass.

Stained Glass Rubber Duck was the first of this series. It came from a different series of paintings inspired by the Rubber Duck. The idea came to me while brainstorming different ways to morph the Rubber Duck into abstract concepts yet still maintain a clear visual representation of the duck. Working on this painting sparked an exploration into the subtle variations of color.

I then began experimenting with different subjects to see which items best maintained their form within this style. It is amazing how our brains still see one overall object and don't get confused with the different shapes that we clearly see. It is as if we are seeing two separate paintings in one. We see the various colors and shapes, but we also see an overal shape.

If you're interested in a commission, please contact me!

rubberduck duckeye flowers strawberry
window wine grape rose tree banana
apple cherry icecream pinneapple

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