About Me


I am a fine artist with graphic design experience.  I have a passion for art and design, as well as the history of both. I truly believe no matter how much you know, you can always learn something new. I am comfortable in most painting and drawing mediums but I prefer to work in oil when developing works with great detail needed and watercolor for works which require subtlety. Please check out my pet portraits especially as that is a particular passion of mine. I love attempting to capture the personality and life essence of each animal I paint or draw and would love to expand my portfolio in that area. If you are interested in a commission, please reach out to me using the form on my contact page.

My job at H&R Block keeps me pretty busy, but in my down time, I often work on small study drawings in my little yellow sketchbook waiting for the next project to begin. I take it with me any time I travel and I use it to hone my skills, those works can also be found on this site under the Artwork section and then under Marker Drawings and Dry Media.

I am currently working on building my portfolio along with this site, so changes occur frequently as I continue to perfect my skills.


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